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Animal Rescue! Age 6 months +

Animal Rescue! Ages 6 months+
Devyn was up for the challenge! It was fun to watch her as she tried to figure out how to rescue the animals.  Once  she would get an animal loose,  she would put the animal in her mouth for a taste! Then she would try and put the animal back in the pan. Once she lost control of an animal she would go back to trying to rescue more animals!

Muffin Pan
Rubber Bands
Small stuffed animals or any kind of toy that will fit in the holes of the muffin pan

Here is a video of Devyn doing the activity! 

First find some toys that will fit in the holes of the muffin tin. Then place rubber bands over the toys. Use less rubber bands to make it easier and more rubber bands to make it harder. 

Next let your little one explore and have fun!! This activity is great for fine motor development, problem solving and critical thinking skills.  

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