Rhyming Bingo! Ages 3+

Kids love to play bingo games!! Why not practice some rhyming while playing? This printable includes 4 different bingo boards and 16 bingo cards.

Rhyming is an aspect of phonemic awareness (awareness of how to listen to, identify, and change around the sounds in spoken language). Phonemic awareness lays the groundwork for written language. Rhyming is a precursor to learning how to read and write.

Rhyming Bingo Printable (includes 4 different bingo boards and 16 bingo cards)
Wooden cubes or dot chips, math manipulatives, wine corks, bottle tops

Cut out the bingo cards and put them in a pile.  Flip a card.  Then find the word on your game board that rhymes with the word on the card and cover it with a wooden cube.  There are so many versions of bingo:

                                                                   FILL A ROW


                                FOUR CORNERS                                    DIAGONAL


                                                        FILL THE WHOLE CARD 


Other rhyming games:

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